Designer • Counsellor • Artist • Performer

Designer Experience

2018 - Present

Freelance Designer

Brand Identity • Web Design

Graphic Design • Marketing Strategy

Branding consultant and web designer, support private clients to develop their business and personal brands.
Follow the design branding process, styling and strategies offline and online.
Creating an all comprehensive branded web site design and online strategies on social media for small business and creative business and artists.
2020 - 2021

Music Agency in Bristol

Marketing Assistant & Graphic Designer

Create promotional, visual and marketing material for all the company events to distribute online on social media marketing, website and other platforms.
Collaborate with the graphic design manager to styling choices and feedback to other team members.
2017 - 2018

Home of Totes

Malaysian  e-commerce about tote bugs and t-shirts

Graphic Designer & Marketing Strategies

2016 - 2018

Bristol Custom Phone Cases Company

In House Graphic Designer & Print Designer

Create and adapt brands graphic designs on phone cases, tablet cases and mugs. Personalised designs with typography and graphic elements.
Check e-commerce (Etsy, Amazon, eBay) visual and marketing material also on social media, website and other platforms.
Follow printing process with the printing team.
2017 - 2018

WowProject Start-up

Bristol Start up Phone Cases, Printed T Shirts and Bags

Graphic Designer & Product Designer

2015 - 2016

Professional Dance Academy, Milan

Graphic Designer & Marketing Strategies

2013 - 2014

Branded Light Design Company, Italy

Product Designer & Lamp Prototyping Research

Arch. De Lucchi Team 

2011 - 2016

Factory Lab

Training & Coaching Company, Milan

Trainer, Copyrighter, Web Designer

2005 - 2007

è-Tango Magazine

Niche Argentine Tango Magazine, Italy

Artistic Director, Graphic Designer and Columnist.

Designer Skills

Brand Identity
Web Design
Graphic Design
Marketing Strategies
Public Speaking


1999 - Present

Workshops of Tango from beginners to advance and master class. Around the world like Argentina, Italy, Spain, Holland, France Belgium, Germany, UK, China, Singapore and Japan.


Co-founder, Director and Marketing Director.

Creates the didactics programs, teaching in difference courses, promote activities: courses, cinema forum, social events.

Create promotional flyers, wed design and social media marketing.



2009 - 2013
2008 - 2011


2011 / Second Ed 2014

Manual and DVD Tango puro.
The history of the tango, the structure of the music, 500 photos, 48 sequence explaing in the book and in the attached DVD.

Edited in 2011 Argentine Tango manual, ‘Tango puro’, published by Hoepli Italian big publisher ( 2014 the second edition).

The manual marks the invention of the first notation a writing/graphic system of the tango steps (Tango Codex©) based on over twenty years of experience teaching and performing

Soft Skills

Team Work
Emotional Intelligence


2014 - Present

Life Coaching

Private clients to support their changes in life, project the future goals and redefine the real meaning and prospective in life. Using NLP techniques and a creative and original approach.


Teacher in Academy Teatro Alla Scala
(The most prestigious Theatre of Italy)
Teaching and mentoring about stage techniques and movement for Opera singers.

2011 - 2016

Factory Lab

Workshops in team building, learning techniques and leadership. Giving courses in Luiss University, Viridalia, Man Power and many others.



Three to Tango - Theatre Show

music-theatre-tango experimental project presented in 2017 in Chapter Arts Centre extremely well received. with tango guitarist Oscar Acebras (Buenos Aires), Musician and composer René Griffiths (Buenos Aires), actor Dyfed Thomas (Wales), tango dancer Ornella Tirrito (Italy), tango dancer Alejandro Angelica (Argentina), creative director Phil Mackenzie (Australia) and project manager Yvonne Cheal (Wales).

1999 - 2018

Independent International Theatre Shows

He has also created, choreographer’s and perform in foreheads varied shows that combine different arts with the tango, particularly the contemporary dance and acting, some notorious shows like: Tango Misterio (Switzerland-Italy 2010), Androgen Tango (Italy 2012), La Yumba (Switzerland 2015), Face of tango (Italy 2015), Dada Tango (Italy 2016), Memorias de Tango (UK 2018).

2004 - 2016

Tango di Luna - Theatre Show

Historical Italian show. Protagonist of the show “Tango di Luna” together with Luciana Savignano (international artist, Etoile and Muse of the famous choreographer Maurice Bejart), Show produced from the Theatre Franco Parenti of Milan where he has collaborated with the choreographer Susanna Beltrami in the creation of the choreographies that melt the tango and the contemporary dance, the show has been replicated from 2004 to 2016 in the most important theatres and Italian reviews in over 150 dates.

2001 - 2005

A fuego lento - Theatre Show

Company QUAT’ZARTS from Paris interpreting the show “A Fuego Lento” of Caterine Berbesou (Coming from the famous company of Maguy Marin); a show that combine contemporary dance and argentine tango, the company with which he has realised several tourneè in the most important theatres in Europe, particularly, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Italy.


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